My son Christian and I stayed with you in late April of 2013.  I just wanted to say
thank you for everything. You have a fantastic place there on your beautiful island.
 We were so taken by your hospitality and warmth.  Not to mention the wonderful
accomodations and food.  Your island is a rarity and I hope it stays this way. We
couldn’t have picked a better place for my last trip to the tropics. I truly believe
the healing that occurred on that trip is part of why I am still going strong. Not
to mention the healing powers of the Jacko falls. Nigel you are a gift to this
world.  I only hope you always receive as much as you give in this life.  Malin and
other staff were absolutely fantastic as well.  So many Americans could learn so
much from you and your country that would fill the void they experience.  But I am
glad to say that I met NO Americans on your island the whole time we were there. I
shared positive helpful details on TripAdvisor as well so like minded people will
find you too.  I am sure not everyday tells you this, but you are truly the luckiest
people on earth. 

Christina Lee-Grogan and Christian Grogan