Where adventures begin…

To make the most of your stay on the island, Hibiscus Valley Inn offers a large number of unique excursions,

ranging from short waterfall hikes to more extensive six hour hikes to the boiling lake or up on the tallest


It is safe to say that we have the most extensive tour program on the island where we have discovered

many sites that is only known by Hibiscus Valley Inn! The first section below you will find a selection from our

Nights Adventure Package and the last part you will find individual tours. All tours can be booked separately but

we highly recommend the popular Adventure Package which is a good combination of Adventure, Relaxation and  Nature experiences to make sure that you get out the most of your trip


       7 Nights Adventure Package                             5 Nights Combo Package  

 Specilizing in special packaged for groups.

 ALL Tours can be performed individualy, full day or 1/2 day


Adventure Package


Tour 1 Waterfalls and the Carib territory

Jaco  CARIB 1  Twin Falls

On this tour you will get an excellent combination of Culture and Adventure. You will visit the secluded Twin Falls which consist of two waterfalls. These are waterfalls that Hibiscus Valley Inn has developed and they offers an secluded and natural experience. The two waterfalls are ideal for a waterfall dip. There is a saying in Dominica that you get 10 years younger when you bath in our waterfalls! From here we will head to the Carib Indian reserve, the last and only of its kind. Here you will get an opportunity to meet the Carib Indians and why not purchase an award winning souvenir items to bring back home.   ( 69 US/person) individual tour


Tour 2  Strenuous option: The boiling lake

 Boiling 1  Boiling  Waterfall

One of the best ways to appreciate the great wilderness and the different rainforest landscapes of Dominica is to take the all day trek to the Boiling Lake. This 5 mile each way hike is not for the unfit and is as strenuous as they get. Once you reach the Valley of Desolation you’re almost there.  This is an area where nothing can grow and the fumes and boiling pods make it look like a place out of this world. On the way back from the lake you can take a unique dip in the hot pool from the photo above. At the exit point of the hike you will get to swim inside of the cave at Titoe Gorge. A 30 second swim will take you to a waterfall inside of the cave! (98 US/ person) individual tour



Tour 2 Easy Option: Tito Gorge, Middlahms falls (80 metre)  and Trafalgar falls

Roseau Valley Tour

Tito GORGE  Screws rainforets SPA  IMG_1095

The Easy option will take you to the well known Trafalgar Falls. This gives a unique opportunity to bath in a the cold waterfall and in hot mineral pools. We will head up to Fresh Water Lake which is a lake high up in the mountains. This is a very desolate and peaceful area situated high up in the mountains. On the trail to the view point you will see that the vegetation is noticeable shorter. This forest type is called Elfin wood land and can only be found around the mountain tops. After this we will make a brief stop at the Sulphur Springs. These are boiling sulphur pods that is pushing water and minerals through vents in the ground.  Last but not least will be the swim up the Titoe Gorge. We strongly recommend to swim up to the waterfall inside of the cave. (69 US/person) individual tour



 Tour 3: Beach Escape

 sand Domenica 296   batiboubeach2

After all, we are in the Caribbean so we cannot miss out on relaxing on a secluded beach. Dominica is not known for its beaches. This is because most hotels are in the south and all the nice beaches are on our North East part of the Island. Take a dip in the Ocean, a nap in the shade and enjoy our picnic lunch on the beach. Dominican beaches are definitely not crowded. Perhaps you will be the only one there! ( 40 US/person) individual tour



Tour 4: River tubing and Rain forest Hike with lunch ( Dominican cook up) by the river side

Adventures Surroundings 10294971_10154052139595167_3045077051318427236_o
 Hike to the rainforest, bringing the pot to cook _ZTB5854 Go on a hike! 


 The starting point of this river tubing adventure is right at Hibiscus Valley Inn.  There is no better way to enjoy our Nature Island than to be floating along the river on a tube. The fun-filled ride is just as beautiful as it is relaxing. This is perfect for all ages and physical conditions! After we will head on a Rainforest Hike where one of our local guides will prepare a local ” cook up” lunch prepared over open fire. (69 US/person) individual tour


Tour 5: The Northern Tour, 





We head north, passing the beautiful north coast with all its fishing villages. We will stop in Porthmouth which is the second largest town in Dominica. We continue to the Cabrits National Park where Fort Shirley is situated. This fort is of historical importance which staged many battles were between the English and the French. After this we will have enjoy a swim and a picnic on a beach. Last but not least we will head on row boats up the mangrove swamps of the Indian River. This is like the Amozonic river but perhaps the most striking difference is that there are no dangerous animals or insects to look out for on Dominica. This is one of many locations on the island where ”Pirates of the Caribbean” 2 and 3 have been recorded.  (74 US/ person) individual tour


Dominica has so much sighs and activities so we want to give you a free activity day where you can choose to relax at the River at Hibiscus Valley or take one of our other tours in our tour program. These tours are not included in the Adventure package.

Extra tours for the packaged


Southern Whale/Dolphin Safari &  hot spa in the rain forest & pivknic lunch in botanical garden

 View from the sea val presentation  _ZTB4705


  In the afternoon we will head out on Whale & Dolphin Safari. Dominica boast to be the Whale & Dolphin capital of the Caribbean with the chance of seeing whales in the range of 85-90 % all year around. It is very special to see these ancient mammals in their natural habitat.  This tour is only available on Sundays. (169/person) individual tour


Sari Sari hike/waterfall. 


IMG_9771  IMG_9792 IMG_9768 


Syndicate Parrots & Indian River

 0012  Jacko - Kopia

Visit our Pirate of the Caribbean site, the Indian River and take a shot of drink at the bar at the beginning of the river. Then grab your binoculars and off we go to a preserve forest where you can spot our National Parrot, the Sisserou parrot. (69 US/person) individual tour


Syndicate Parrots bird watching tour with our special birdguide  ”Dr Birdy” & Indian River

ask for price.

 Jacko - Kopia Sissero  1797003_10153759857270167_559327970_o 

Wash the traditional way in the river  with herbs and leaves, time before the washingpowder, (10 US/person) individual tour 





Walking stick safari

After dinner we take a short walk to a close by area where we will look for walking sticks locally known as Good Horse. With flashlights we try to spot these amazing insects that can be seen around 10 o’clock in the evenings while they are feeding on the guava leaf. The female can get as large as 30  (10 US/person) individual tours


Turtle watching

They lay their eggs on the beach during middle of March – end of June.


We are members of the Dicover Dominica accosiation and Dominica Hotel Association,

We have the belive to conduct sustainable philpsophy, ECO TOURISM

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